Political Candidates Visit HCA

In the past two weeks, we have had the privilege of hearing four candidates for office speak in special assemblies at Harvest Christian Academy. This has been a valuable educational experience for the students. Each of the candidates had an opportunity to speak about his platform, but they also answered questions prepared by the senior Government class.

On October 3, 2006, Governor Felix Camacho was our first visitor. He described his role as governor and explained how his position and decisions affect each citizen of Guam. Camacho spoke with conviction and clarity about the issues that need to be improved on the island. Because all of the candidates emphasize education, Governor Camacho chose to make the issue of clean and available water and water treatment to all citizens the distinguishing feature of his platform. Camacho believes the military’s increase in soldiers on Guam will have a positive impact on Guam as it will encourage job growth and improve the island’s infrastructure. For more information and pictures of the Governor’s visit please click here.

Former Congressman Robert Underwood spoke to the high school students on October 13, 2006. He told entertaining stories of his early political involvement and his time in Washington, DC, as Guam’s representative to Congress. Underwood encouraged the students to pursue their dreams and, if so inclined, become involved in the political process. For more information and pictures of Robert Underwood’s visit click here.

On October 24, candidates for Attorney General, Alicia Limtiaco and Vern Perez, spoke to the student body about the role the AG plays in government. The Attorney General is part of the executive branch and works with all branches of government to give legal advice and to approve initiatives. Both candidates want to increase convictions and improve the staffing of the AG’s office (apparently the former AG was really difficult to work with so there was a high turnover rate). In addition, Perez emphasized that the AG needs to work with the governor on issues that will benefit the island instead of constantly hindering the process. For more information about the candidates visit, you can click here.
Some additional pictures:

The governor accepts an HCA hat as a token of appreciation for his visit.

Robert Underwood signing autographs for students.