First Things: The View from My Apartment

I love that my view faces the canal and farms. There are still, of course, many apartment buildings that block the view. The land is so flat that I could see for miles, if it weren’t for the cities that crop up on the horizon.

Here are my first pictures of the view from my balcony. I took these on my first full day here in China.

A new train station is under construction (in the center of this photo). It will be so nice when the line opens, because the gate to the station is right next to the gate to the school campus. If there were a way to walk straight across the canal, it would only take 5 minutes to get to the station, but we’ll have to walk to the front of the campus and then back around to the station. Either way, it will be easier than taking 2 buses to get to the nearest subway station.

(Yes, that’s a dump directly across the canal from my room. Unfortunately, we can smell it when the wind blows our direction or when they burn the trash.)

Here are some views from my balcony at night:


Construction continues late into the night.



The sky seems brighter than it actually was on the night that I took these photos, due to the long exposure time required for a decent night photo.

I took the following pics on Sunday, Sept. 30. The fireworks were in celebration of Moon Day/National Day. We’ve seen fireworks from nearby cities several nights this week.