HCA Graduation 2007

School is finally done! I can hardly believe that I am finished my second year of teaching!

After turning in my last grades on Wednesday morning, I spent Thursday and Friday helping with graduation prep (checking grades, folding programs, etc.)and trying to start neatening up my classroom. HCA graduation was Friday night (pictures posted below) and HBBI graduation was on Sunday (see next post–whenever I get to it!). On Monday and Tuesday we had projects to do around campus and we were able to finish getting our classrooms ready for the summer and next school year. I rearranged my classroom so my desk is in a better spot and I have started to organize my files. On Wednesday we had our final staff meeting (I was given the “Kangaroo Award” for always bounding forward for success–especially with the yearbook staff) and then we were dismissed for the year! Anyway, you probably don’t care about the minutiae of my life, so I’ll just go ahead and post some pictures of graduation.

Senior group picture before heading up the stairs to the auditorium.

Some of the excited graduates before the ceremony started.

Johnny getting laden down with leis from his friends and family. After the graduates receive their diplomas, they go down to give their mom a rose and then their family and friends put flower, candy, and even money leis around their necks. Some of the students even carry balloons and bouquets of flowers back to the stage. After the students exit the building, they’re given more leis and gifts during the picture taking time.

Erik displaying his diploma before going back on stage to move his tassel and officially graduate.

Gizela Ho after receiving her diploma and greeting her family.

Brothers Keith and Sean Yanase graduated together this year. I was privileged to have them as students for both their junior and senior years.

After graduation I took pictures with several of my students and of faculty and friends with the graduates. (I was actually one of the official photographers for the night, which is how I got pictures of my students during the ceremony. Otherwise, I would have been up in the choir loft watching the procedings.)
Charles Wan and me

Chong Fang and Mr. Jared Skeens

High school principal Mr. Doug Abels, his wife Karen Abels, and Alexis Gonzales (one of my honors English students and the best copy editor a yearbook adviser could ask for)

Edward Kim and me

Janet Lee and me

Lead principal Mr. John McGrew with Quilla Espinoza

Yearbook editor Joanna Lanuza with Kallen Perez, the People section editor. I am proud of both of them for their hard work and dedication to the project. They did an excellent job and far exceeded my expectations!

Kai Ying Zhang, me, and Angel Li (unfortunately a branch got in the way and I haven’t had time to photoshop it out)

Me with Leif Andres and Tae Hwa Lee. Both of these guys were on yearbook staff for two years. I’ll miss having them in class and on staff next year!

Me and Victoria Paulino (Sadly, Victoria moved to Arizona shortly after graduation.)

Linda Wu, Regina Fong, Beili Li, and Edward Kim

Some of the senior guys tackle each other in a group hug celebrating the end of their high school careers.

Angela Lim and Jenifer Song

Jodi Harrison and I coordinated, so we had to get a picture. This was the second time that we ended up wearing these matching outfits!

Mid-December Madness

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged, I hope I can remember how to do it.

I’ve been teaching Twelfth Night recently, hence the allusion to Shakespeare in the title of my post. I do love Shakespeare; I wish I could teach more of him, but alas, the semester is ending soon and with it our exploration of a couple of his great plays. My seniors are in for a doosy of a semester exam. If any of them are reading this, I hope they take the warning and study. (In class I’ve been encouraging them to study, so don’t be worried that I haven’t told them.)

In between writing recommendation letters for several seniors tonight, I’m going to try to post some recent pictures of things I’ve done lately. I’ve had a busy month and a half since I last wrote, so I need to get some pictures up before I head off for Christmas break, which will mean more pictures!

Linda, Kallen, and Grace read the parts of the Weird Sisters in Macbeth Act I. The witches are described as having beards, so the girls came up with a creative solution. We were able to go to the auditorium for class one day to act out scenes from the play–one of my favorite activities of the year. The students always have a great time, too.