First Things: My New School

On my first Sunday afternoon here in China, I wandered around campus just before sunset and took some pictures. So, here’s a virtual tour of where I live and teach.

First, yet another view from my balcony. I’m sorry if you’re getting bored with this shot; I love how the view looks at various times of day and in different lighting.

The path that runs around our building. I had thought that I could run on this path, but the stones are slick, especially on misty mornings.

Dear Bob Jones University students (current and former), please notice that this school has barbed wire fences all the way around the campus. BJU is not the only school to do that, and BJU took down the barbed wire several years ago (from what I’ve been told .  .  . I haven’t done a walk-around inspection of the fences personally).

The canal looks prettier from a distance and at sunset. When you get too close, you can see bags of trash and other debris floating in it, and you start to wonder about the brown color of the water. . .

From this direction, the student dormitories are to the right. The students in our program live on the top floor, the 16th, of the tallest building. There’s no air conditioning or heat in the dorms, and you will usually see clothes drying on the balconies, because the students wash their clothes in the sink and hang them outside to dry.

The back of our building. Our offices are on the first floor. Our living quarters are on the third floor and our kitchen/dining room/living area/laundry room is on the extension that juts out of the main part of the building.

If you walk on the road beside the student dormitories, you will see the courtyard and our classroom buildings on the left. The American program nursing classes are taught in the building to the left, and the British and American English classes–as well as a variety of Chinese classes–are taught in the building to the right.

As you continue down the road, you’ll come to the track on the right and a classroom building is on the left.

The classroom building pictured above is gigantic and curves around a large courtyard.

From the arch in the center of the building, you can look back and see our building and then look toward the front of the campus and see the administration building.

As you walk back toward our building (Building 8), you’ll again see our classroom buildings on the left and the Chinese nursing program building on the right (which I apparently didn’t take a picture of on this tour around campus). I teach on the 4th floor of Building 6 (on the left).

If you walk into the atrium between the two classroom buildings, you’ll see a tribute to the international nursing program.

Here’s a picture of the hallway on the 4th floor where I teach.

The inside of one of the classrooms in Building 6.

The massive Chinese classroom building from center campus:

The front of our building from center campus:

The entrance to our building is on the right. There’s a good-sized lobby where we can meet with students and they can check in at the front desk. The hallway to our offices is to the left.

On the third floor, you can see our large meeting room/exercise room. The ceilings are vaulted and extend to the fourth floor; the acoustics are great, so our little group sounds great when singing in there. This picture makes the room and building look so warm and inviting.