Racial Profiling in the US

On September 7th, I heard an All Things Considered story about racial profiling: Under Suspicion at the Mall of America. It opened my eyes to the racial profiling that continues to happen since the events of 9/11.

Then, today I read a blog post by an Arab/Israeli American citizen who was detained, strip searched, interrogated and then released on Sept. 11, 2011, because someone reported the “suspicious activity” of going to the bathroom (and she was just sitting next to the two men who happened to go to the bathroom one after the other, which given the new regulations about not standing in the aisle to wait for the bathroom and the common practice of getting up to use the restroom when someone else in your row is already up is not surprising at all). I urge you to read her post and this news article, because I think it’s important that Americans be aware that things like this are taking place.

I also flew on Sept. 11–through Washington D.C., actually–so I expected tightened security and was glad to see extra TSA officials on duty, but I think the detention and interrogation of innocent travelers is ridiculous and un-American.


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