Noteworthy Radio Clips

One of the things I missed while living on Guam was listening to the radio. Generally, a car ride wasn’t long enough to listen to an entire story and sometimes not even an entire song. I grew up listening to NPR, VPR, WDEV and WCVT on the long rides to and from school and church. Since returning to Vermont and resuming my twice-daily 35-minute drive, I have renewed the tradition of listening to the radio and my dad programmed my car’s preset stations for me.

Here are some neat radio stories and programs that I have listened to recently:

  1. I heard an interview with Arthur Plotnik, author of “Better Than Great: A Plentitudinous Compendium of Wallopingly Fresh Superlatives” onPublic Radio International‘s program Here and Now. You can read the article and an excerpt from the book and listen to the interview. I haven’t purchased the book–yet–but I have been conscious of avoiding overused words and choosing more interesting and accurate superlatives.
  2. Also on Here and Now, I heard about the band Harry and the Potters. The band members, along with Elizabeth Pashley, founding member of Emerson College Quidditch, discussed the Post-Potter world and recommended post-Harry Potter books.
  3. I don’t remember now what radio station I was listening to, but I heard the US debut of Sofia Gubaidulina’s percussion concerto, “Glorious Percussion,” one night on the way home from church. You can listen to the piece here or watch the short clip of the Berlin Philharmonic’s performance below. 
  4. Yesterday I heard a rebroadcast of the fascinating interview of Rosanne Cash on All Things Considered (NPR). You can hear Terry Gross interview her here and listen to samples from her cd The List here. I’ve never been a big fan of country music, but this interview made me want to buy the cd.
  5. I’ve greatly enjoyed American Public Media’s program The Story. I often hear it as I’m driving to work. Recently I heard the first chapter of Clyde Edgerton‘s new novel The Night Train and an interview with Craig Robinson, author and info-graphic artist of Flip Flop Fly Ball.
  6. Today I heard a program about theme parks from Wisconsin Public Radio’s To the Best of Our Knowledge. The last part of the program was about a raunchy book, so I turned it off, but the first and third segments were interesting. Scott A. Lukas wrote Theme Park and was interviewed by Anne Strainchamps. Author Karen Russell read from and discussed her novel Swamplandia! Her descriptions are unique and insightful. I loved listening to her poetic descriptions, in prose and during the interview. For example, every time she referred to the alligator, she used a different adjective–“primordial,” “mesopotamian,” “reptilian.”

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