The Five People You Meet in Heaven: Closing Thoughts

So, what do you think of the book? Would you recommend it to others? Are you interested in reading another book by Mitch Albom?


5 thoughts on “The Five People You Meet in Heaven: Closing Thoughts

  1. I love this book and had decided it was a keeper. Reading it with others has been a different experience than reading it solo. In my first reading, I was immersed in and took arawy how poignant it is as a read. In this second reading I have been feeling more of the pain. It will be more memorable having discussed it with other readers and thinkers.

    I would recommend it to others and have, Just Saturday, a friend quoted a line from it and I asked if it was from Five People….

    I would read any book Mitch writes.

    Re: Next book; I have pulled a sample from my eReader. It will be a hillarious read, I think..

  2. 1. I did enjoy this book, even though it is outside my typical genre.

    2. I would recommend it to others, and actually have already done so via my blog.

    3. I’ve already read Tuesdays with Morrie, and I wouldn’t object to reading another book by Albom, but he’s also not on my list of “authors I must look up at the library in order to read everything possible written by them.”

  3. I enjoyed it. It was touching and thought-provoking. I’ve read “Tuesdays with Morrie” too, but forgot most of it. This time, when I read “Five People You Meet in Heaven”, I underlined and wrote comments all over the margins. Now I don’t think I’ll forget it!

  4. I liked this book much better when reading it the second time and discussing it with all of you! Truthfully, I was a bit disappointed with it the first time, but I learned a lot more from reading at a slower, more thoughtful pace.

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