The Five People You Meet in Heaven: Accomplishments

What would you say to Eddie when he laments that he accomplished nothing with his life? Discuss what has he accomplished.

For those of you concerned about source attribution, I’m basing some of my discussion questions on those provided by LitLovers, who got their questions from the publisher of TFPYMIH. I sometimes change how they phrase the questions and leave some out, but I’m using them to guide the general direction of the discussion.

8 thoughts on “The Five People You Meet in Heaven: Accomplishments

  1. I would want to show him all the people he has kept safe by maintaining the rides at the pier. I would want to show him the little girl he saved at the end of his life. Eddie’s life was one of sacrifice. No, he didn’t find the cure for cancer, no, he didn’t make a million dollars on some new invention, but that doesn’t mean he accomplished nothing. Most of us accomplish things in obscurity, making a difference but not knowing how our lives have affected others. This reminds me a lot of the song Mercy posted back on another question – in heaven, I hope we’ll be able to see the people whose lives we’ve affected, even if we never were able to meet them here on Earth.

  2. I’d hope after meeting the five people that he wouldn’t need my words! But if I had to, I would remind him of how he defended his brother, supported his buddies in the war, tried to hold the job for his dad, kept the house for his mom, encouraged his coworkers in small ways, and protected the children at the pier. And of course there was Marguerite. She was HIS one true love, but he was also hers.

  3. “Accepted in Him” is me, Mercy. Sorry about the name change! My computers have all been giving me fits and apparantly it forgot that I was Mercy but did still keep my gravatar! 🙂

  4. Most of us won’t accomplish great, nationally known things, but we’ll be more like Eddie–faithfully fulfilling our duties in the little things and making a difference in the lives of those around us. Eddie had a steady character and consistently put others before himself. He sacrificed for his country, his mother, his wife, and the little girl he rescued.

  5. The world runs because of people like Eddie. Work and workers are to be valued. Without the five people experience, Eddie seems to have never experienced healing.

    I guess I would say, after listening to his lament, “The world runs because of people like you, Eddie. I would want to encourage him to receive some spiritual help.

    • It makes me feel a lot of compassion for the curmudgeonly people I often come into contact with, who alienate me with their gruff unfriendliness but who perhaps are carrying around deep wounds and feeling unloved. I want to look at everyone in my life with compassion, able to see past the tough or ugly or weird exteriors and connect with the precious soul that every person is.

      • This story really helped me to think about others and increased my awareness that they may be suffering from great hurts. And then I think of all the times I acted grouchy because of something I was hurting from, and I’m thankful for friends, students, and strangers who treated me kindly.

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