Contentment: What is it?

Before I go any farther with this little series on contentment, I’m wondering how you would define contentment? I’ve been thinking about this and reading about this topic a lot lately, but I’m curious what you think it means to be content?


4 thoughts on “Contentment: What is it?

  1. This topic has been on my mind recently too! I’m very curious and excited to read your thoughts on the subject.

    I like Kelly’s definition!

    One question Josh and I have been discussing lately is: If you’re content, does that mean you don’t try to change your circumstances? For example, in our case, if we’re truly content with the family that God has given us, does that mean we don’t try to adopt? And if we pursue adoption or medical intervention, does that mean we weren’t content? Does true contentment rule out changing your current circumstances? I hope that makes sense…

    • That’s a good question, Jo, and I’ve thought about it too, especially since I’m in this major state of transition this past year. I’ve been learning to be content even when things are hard and unstable and not always what I want or expect. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t sought changes. I think it’s okay to seek changes in my life and to pray and work towards something different, as long as my heart is trusting in God and I’m truly resting in His will no matter what happens. I don’t have specific scriptural support for that at the moment, but I’ll be researching the topic even more in the next few days. (And my brother is pacing back and forth hoping I’ll finish typing so we can go out to breakfast.)

      I recommend that you listen to Bob Bixby’s sermon “Contentment: The Mark of Mature Faith.” I was going to recommend it in a post in a few days, but he addresses this question.

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