The Last Great Grading Adventure

Day 1

8:00 pm – Get home from school with a huge stack of papers to grade and temporarily panic and dread the impending lack of sleep

8:30 pm – Avoid becoming a sniveling mess by listening to a message about contentment (\”Contentious or Content\” – Carolyn McCulley at the Grace and Truth Conference), by sorting out the mess, and by writing in my “Thankfulness Journal” about how thankful I am for my students who are represented by the stacks of papers

9:30 pm – Finish the first stack of test while listening to the song “You Never Change.” This verse ministers to me:

“Father of Peace

Help of the Weak

Though mountains fall into the sea

Though tempests may rage

The sun hide its face

Your favor will rest upon me”

And from the refrain:

“I will trust in You

All your faithfulness

For I know You never change”

11:23 pm – Finish the second set of tests. This is going to be a long night . . .

1:30 am – Decide to go to bed, even though I have not finished the third set of tests


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