The Last Great Grading Adventure: Days 2-4

Day 2

7:15 am – Move the grading operation back to school

12:30 pm – Someone must be praying for me, because I got more graded today than I thought was humanly possible after the late night!

5:37 pm – I arrive at home with a Macy’s gift bag. Are there presents inside? No, only more papers and projects to grade! (Some of these, though, are really cool poetry projects that are fun to look at and are easy to grade.)

8:43 pm – My friend Jo arrives to keep me company as we grade. I make popcorn while she reads a delightful story written by one of my students.

9:30 pm – We watch some of West Side Story and periodically stop to chat

11:30 pm – Jo blesses me by offering to read some papers for me

12:30 am – Finally done grading for tonight!

Days 3-4

I’ve been reading the seniors’ final journal entries and grading late work. The end is in sight! On Monday and Tuesday I’ll give scantron exams, so those will be easy to grade and enter. I should be done grading by next Tuesday afternoon.


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