Things Fall Apart: Conclusion

So, what did you think of this book? Did it meet your expectations? Would you recommend it to others?


6 thoughts on “Things Fall Apart: Conclusion

  1. I finished the book quite some time ago. I need to get caught up on answering the questions. I liked the book. I find it is a “timely” read in a strange way. I am pleased that I read it, although, as you said some time ago, from the first chapter I thought it would be a sad tale.

    I have read the Five People… and have it in my bookshelf. I love everything I have read by Albom and I am excited to read it again.

    • Well, it probably took me longer to read the book than you and Jenni, but I also got delayed with posting questions because of my crazy schedule! I’m going to go through and answer the questions too, now that I’m caught up on posting the questions.

      I’ve read Tuesdays with Morrie, so I’m really looking forward to The Five People You Meet in Heaven. I already have that one, so I won’t have to wait on it to arrive in the mail.

  2. I, too, finished the book quite some time ago and have decided not to try to catch up with the questions. I”ll try to be more involved next time. When do we begin?

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