“I Love You More Today Than Yesterday”

For the month of February and especially since Valentine’s Day is next Monday, I’m going to try to post something about love each Monday. Don’t worry. I won’t be sappy or anything.

I’m not a fan of turning love songs around to talking about God. I don’t think that’s a good practice at all, actually, but this song made me think about God because of the contrast.

When describing human relationships, I think this is a good song, but this song does not at all reflect God’s love for us. (I’m not implying that the composer intended to make this about God; I understand that it’s not.)

God cannot love me more today than yesterday, and He won’t love me more tomorrow. He loves me the same everyday, whether I’ve done my best to please Him and live worthy of His name or whether I’ve sinned and disgraced Him. He loves me infinitely, eternally, unchangeably.

My love for God should be more today than yesterday, but if it’s not, God doesn’t love me any less. My love for others should grow, and this song accurately reflects many relationships in our lives, but it should not reflect our thinking about God’s love for us–unless to serve as a useful contrast.


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