Book Club Plan: Things Fall Apart

I received my copy of Things Fall Apart in the mail at the end of last week, but I know some book club members haven’t gotten their books yet. I think those who have a book want to get started with reading and I need to begin posting questions.

Here’s the plan for right now, but I am definitely open to suggestions.¬†Please bear with me; I’ve never organized a book club before!

This week, I plan to write a short bio of the author, Chinua Achebe, and research the setting of the book. The book has 25 short chapters of just a few pages each, so I’m going to post discussion questions for a group of 5 chapters every Saturday for 5 weeks.

Because everyone reads at a different pace and because you are all adults who are not in one of my English classes and therefore subject to reading quizzes on a specific date, I am going to create a new tab on my blog for the book club; you can feel free to read at your own pace and respond to the questions as you come to the chapters. The posts for the book club will show up in real time on my blog’s home page, but if you miss them, you can just click on the tab to see the week’s questions and discussion.

Sound good? I’m looking forward to reading this book with you.


2 thoughts on “Book Club Plan: Things Fall Apart

  1. Sounds good! I have the book and can live with this schedule.

    As time goes by and we do more books, I think it would be good to rotate the advance work that you are doing.

    I am excited about this book!

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