Christmas Present to Myself

This year, I decided to follow the reading plan in my English Standard Version Study Bible. I love that translation and I have profited so much from the book introductions, charts, cross references, and notes; however, I really don’t like marking up study Bibles and I tend to mark a lot as I read. Note: I don’t think that marking up your Bible is a sign of spirituality or anything, but it helps me remember what I’m reading, and it was part of my justification for buying a Bible with extra room for writing. Here’s a sample page from my KJV/ERV.

When I found the ESV Journaling Bible for a really great deal in December, I bought one, asked my mom to ship it to me (because the company doesn’t ship to Guam), and it arrived last week. I love it! The Bible is the perfect size and shape, though it is a little smaller than I envisioned it. Here it is compared to the Study Bible, for a little perspective. (Sorry for the terrible pictures.)

I can read the text easily; the paper is slightly yellowed for easier reading and the font is a nice size for a smaller Bible. I especially like the lined, wide margins, which make taking notes very easy. I only wish the spacing between the lines of text were a little bigger, but I think this spacing is standard for all Bibles. My KJV/ERV had normal spacing and I was able to underline pretty easily, but sometimes the pen marked out the word. I plan on using pens with thinner tips when writing in the ESV.

I look forward to learning more about God as I read His Word in this beautiful Bible.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Present to Myself

  1. Yay! Your Bible arrived! Wahoo! I’ve been taking mine with me in my backpack so that I can read at Starbucks before I head to work. I have found that I am much more awake when I am at Starbucks than if I try to read before I exercise (and before my coffee).

    • That’s good. It’s always nice to figure out a way to make the routine more profitable–especially when it involves being awake while reading the Bible! Have you used the pens? How are they working out for you?

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