The Church and Abortion

I read this paragraph today and it says what I started trying to say in last night’s post about Roe v. Wade.

Consider the difficult subject of abortion. For many women, it is easier to keep the “problem” hidden than to be candid. It doesn’t make the situation easier for young women who feel they have no other option. But what better place to deal with the difficulties of these pregnancies than within the church? Are we openly and honestly talking about sexual issues in our churches? Or are we hiding behind religious pretenses, pushing people away who have deep hurts and needs? Are we helping people understand the gravity of their choices but also displaying a clear process to restoration, including providing financially for women and adoptive families? Do we wait until a person is forced to anguish over abortion, or do we nurture soft-heartedness and transparency in her life? Have we created relationships and expectations within our churches in which older women are accessible and transparent with younger women about their struggles–not just occasionally, but in ongoing, real-life ways?

From the concluding statements of the chapter on hypocrisy in unChristian by David Kinnaman (p. 58)


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