Christmas music, part 5

I didn’t get to finish writing this post before Christmas, but I still wanted to post it and finish the series.

I wrote about traditional Christmas songs and you can read the post here, but today I’d like to list some new songs that speak clearly about Christ’s incarnation and God’s plan of redemption. (Several of these songs come from the albums New Irish Songs: Incarnation and Savior: Celebrating the Mystery of God Become Man).

“Joy Has Dawned Upon The World” by Keith Getty & Stuart Townend

Joy has dawned upon the world,
Promised from creation—
God’s salvation now unfurled,
Hope for ev’ry nation.
Not with fanfares from above,
Not with scenes of glory,
But a humble gift of love—
Jesus born of Mary.

Sounds of wonder fill the sky
With the songs of angels
As the mighty Prince of Life
Shelters in a stable.
Hands that set each star in place,
Shaped the earth in darkness,
Cling now to a mother’s breast,
Vuln’rable and helpless.

Shepherds bow before the Lamb,
Gazing at the glory;
Gifts of men from distant lands
Prophesy the story.
Gold—a King is born today,
Incense—God is with us,
Myrrh—His death will make a way,
And by His blood He’ll win us.

Son of Adam, Son of heaven,
Given as a ransom;
Reconciling God and man,
Christ, our mighty champion!
What a Savior! What a Friend!
What a glorious myst’ry!
Once a babe in Bethlehem,
Now the Lord of hist’ry.

“Fullness Of Grace” by Keith & Kristyn Getty & Stuart Townend

Fullness of Grace in man’s human frailty
This is the wonder of Jesus
Laying aside His power and glory
Humbly He entered our world
Chose the path of meanest worth
Scandal of a virgin birth
Born in a stable cold and rejected
Here lies the hope of the world

Fullness of Grace the love of the Father
Shown in the face of Jesus
Stooping to bear the weight of humanity
Walking the Calvary road
Christ the holy Innocent
Took our sin and punishment
Fullness of God despised and rejected
Crushed for the sins of the world

Fullness of hope in Christ we had longed for
Promise of God in Jesus
Through His obedience we are forgiven
Opening the floodgates of heaven
All our hopes and dreams we bring
Gladly as an offering
Fullness of life and joy unspeakable
God’s gift in love to the world

“Rejoice” by Todd Twining

All the earth rejoice

Your Creator reigns

As the only awesome God

The Alpha and the Omega

Who was, is, and is to come

Let the oceans roar and the mountains sing

He provides for all He has made

So be comforted as He rules with grace

Rejoice, all the earth, rejoice

All the world rejoice

For the baby comes

As a humble prince in the night

The Word made flesh, Emmanuel

The Everlasting Light

Let the warmth of heaven reach the coldest heart

With the gospel of His grace

For His heel will bruise the serpent’s head

Rejoice, all the world, rejoice

All the church rejoice

For your King returns

On a white horse wearing a crown

He will break the sky with the angel’s shout

Descending from the clouds

Then the dead will rise from the land and sea

All His people will ascend

We will reign with Him for eternity

Rejoice, all the church, rejoice

“Hope Has Come” by Stephen Altrogge

Let us join with the angel voices

Let us join their happy song

All of heaven and earth rejoices

For the Lamb of God has come

He has come to rescue sinners

Come to meet our desperate need

He was born to bring forgiveness

Born for Calvary

Alleluia, Hope has come

Alleluia, Christ has come

We once were slaves in misery

Till You appeared and set us free

Alleluia, Hope has come

Let us lay our gifts before Him

Let us magnify His Name

With our thankful hearts adore Him

For the Lord has come to save

He has come to break sin’s power

He has come to set us free

Hope was born that glorious hour

Christ the mighty King

“Born That We Might Have Life” by Chris Tomlin

No reputation, no stately bearing
No palace bed for royalty
But a star in the heavens, a sign full of wonder
Announcing the coming of the King of kings


Rejoice, o world, your Saviour has come
Through the love of a virgin’s womb
Son of God, Son of man, born that we may have life
You were born that we may have life

A throne in a manger, the cross in a cradle
The hidden revealing this glorious plan
Of a Child who would suffer, a Child who would conquer
The sin of every woman, the sin of every man

Rejoice, o world, for the King of kings
And the Lord of lords
Rejoice, o world, a Saviour is born
Who brings us life and brings peace


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