Bible Reading Plans

As I was thinking about my Bible reading plans for the year, I came across this great series of posts on Matthew Hoskinson’s blog. I appreciated his reminder that “The goal is not the goal. The goal is a means to the goal, namely, glorifying God through an increased knowledge of and affection for him and his gospel through his word.” I often get so focused on just reading the Bible in a year, or whatever my current goal is, that I become more self-righteous and legalistic about the goal, rather than really growing in knowledge of and love for the Savior.

This year, I decided to follow the plan in my ESV Study Bible, which takes you through each book one time and Psalms, Isaiah, Luke, and Romans twice. I like that the reading is divided between Psalms and Wisdom Literature, the Pentateuch and History of Israel, Chronicles and Prophets, and the Gospels and Epistles. The reading also seems to be a reasonable amount, so it’s not overwhelming. ESV Study Bible reading plan

Here are a couple other plans I considered:

M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan

Daily Bible Reading

You can find some more ideas on Matt’s blog or at Crossway, or do a little googling and you’ll find tons. It doesn’t really matter what plan you follow, as long as you’re reading God’s Word this year, learning more about Him, and growing in your love for Him and others.

What are your Bible reading plans for this year?

3 thoughts on “Bible Reading Plans

  1. I think you already know, but I’ll tell you anyway. I’m using the plan in the back of my journaling ESV – this will take me through Psalms and the NT twice and the OT once. I’m actually thinking of reading two days’ worth each day so I will finish in six months instead of a year. I’ve considered doing a chronological reading as well; maybe I’ll try that for the second half of the year.

    I appreciate what you said about the legalistic trap a goal like this can be, and I agree: we shouldn’t read the Bible just to say we’ve read the Bible. That sounds far too much like a checklist, and I’m pretty sure Jesus abolished the need for checklists.

    • I’ve never read through the Bible chronologically before, but I’m sure it would really help with understanding the sequence of events and unfolding of God’s redemption plan.

      As someone who loves checking off the little boxes beside each day’s reading, I need to be constantly reminded of why I’m reading! The Christian life isn’t about accomplishing a list of tasks that make me approved by God, but about loving the One who has already accepted me in the Beloved.

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