Christmas music, part 3

I’m going to sound like the Grinch in this post, but oh well. I’ll write another positive Christmas post soon.

Christmas songs I really don’t like:

  1. “Silver Bells”–the melody is terrible, and older recordings sound particularly awful.
  2. “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”–I’ve never liked this song because of the suggestive lyrics, although my roommate swears if I saw the original movie this is from that I would like it; however, I recently saw Glee’s performance of this and now the song is permanently ruined for me. (FYI, I watched a couple episodes of Glee because my students always talk about it or hum songs from the show, so I was curious what it was all about. The show is simply horrid. I’ll never watch it again and I’ll speak loudly against it anytime it comes up in conversation.)
  3. “I’ll be Home for Christmas”–I cry almost every time I hear this song, especially since I haven’t been home for Christmas in 5 years now. Who wants to be majorly depressed when listening to Christmas music?
  4. “The Coventry Carol (Lully, Lulla)”–The same goes for this song. The melody is haunting, but that’s because the song is about Herod killing all of the babies in Bethlehem. Yes, it’s biblical, but it’s awfully sad and depressing for a Christmas song.
  5. Pretty much any Ron Hamilton or Frank Garlock Christmas song–I think years of their cheesy cantatas ruined these songs for me. And the lyrics aren’t that great for sacred songs.

Songs that show up on Christmas cds, but have nothing to do with Christmas (or winter, even):

  1. “Over the Rainbow”
  2. “My Favorite Things”
  3. “The Lord’s Prayer” (I especially love Andrea Boccelli’s performance of this song, but it’s not a Christmas song.)
  4. “Simple Gifts”–just because a song has the word “gift” in it does not mean it’s a Christmas song
  5. “Edelweiss”

What are some Christmas songs you don’t like? I know, it sounds slightly scandalous to admit you don’t like a Christmas song, but I’m sure there are some that annoy you for one reason or another.

Can you think of any other songs performed on Christmas cds that aren’t Christmas-y? Why do you think they are included? I think they sometimes add to the festive, sweet, simple, or magical mood of the cd, but I’m interested in hearing what you think.


6 thoughts on “Christmas music, part 3

  1. 1. I love the creative use of apostrophes in the word “episodes” when you talk about Glee.

    2. I agree that the “Baby it’s cold outside” song is retarded. I skip it whenever it comes on at work.

    3. I don’t like “I ain’t gettin’ nothin’ for Christmas,” even though I liked that song when I was a kid, because now the song has similar issues to #2 as listed above.

    4. I definitely agree on the cantata music. Blech.

    I don’t know that I can accurately answer the “which songs don’t you like” question right now, since I’ve been listening to the same several Christmas CDs over and over again at work, and I don’t particularly like any of them anymore. Perhaps in May I can think about this objectively.

  2. This is going to sound completely scandalous, but I cannot STAND “Go Tell It On the Mountain.”

    I appreciate the message of the song, and even think the lyrics are valuable, but PLEASE somebody re-write the tune! That tune is up there in the Top Most Obnoxious in my opinion. 🙂

    I feel better now that that’s off my chest. 🙂

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