Advent Readings: A General Schedule

This year, I decided that in addition to reading Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus I wanted to read portions of Scripture that related to Messianic prophecies, the Christmas story, and the second coming.

After doing some research about Advent reading plans, I learned that most are based on The Book of Common Prayer, which has two sets of readings, one for even-numbered years and another for odd-numbered years. The schedules are basically the same, but the even-numbered years focus on the book of Isaiah for the Old Testament readings and the odd-numbered years focus on the book of Amos.

I’m looking forward to reading these passages and meditating more on Christ’s incarnation and second coming.

I plan to post the reading for each day and possibly a related carol or selection from a Christmas book or sermon. But for those who are interested in a schedule of the readings, here is a copy of the document. Advent readings year 1 (even numbered years)


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