Books I Read in August-October 2010

New books (sadly, not very many at all)

I haven’t read many books since school started. It’s really sad. I comfort myself by saying I’m doing more of other types of reading, but it’s still pretty sad. I’ve had a hard time blocking off enough time to read steadily, and if I don’t read several chapters to get into a book I have a hard time plugging away. I’m in the middle of two or three books right now, so hopefully I’ll have more to report later.

Jonathan Edwards: The Essential Edwards Collection edited by Doug Sweeney and Owen Strachan

I’ve been slowly working my way through this 5 book introduction to the life and works of Jonathan Edwards. So far, I’ve read the first book (Lover of God), about half of the second, and parts of the other three. I’ve learned so much!

Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore

This is a powerful, true story about a wealthy couple, Ron and Debbie Hall, who befriend a homeless man, Denver Moore. The story was so gripping I read the entire book in one night, often sobbing uncontrollably at the sad story of Debbie’s battle with cancer and marveling at the unconditional love she showed to Denver. I highly recommend this book, and I hope it has as great an impact on your life as it did on mine.

Sinner by Ted Dekker

This was my least favorite book of the series related to the Circle Trilogy. I had a hard time getting into the story and really didn’t care for it.


I have a bunch of books that I want to re-read, and I’ve been very slowly working through that stack. I realized recently that just because I can read a book quickly doesn’t mean I should. Sometimes I don’t spend long reflecting on the truths contained in the book because I read it so fast. It’s one thing to read a novel quickly, but quite another to breeze through a book on a weighty doctrine. I need to read more slowly, spend time meditating, journaling and praying, and allow God’s Truth to soak into my life.

Just Do Something by Kevin DeYoung

Very helpful book about God’s will. It’s short, so it only took me a couple of hours to read it, but it was a good reminder of how God works in our lives.


2 thoughts on “Books I Read in August-October 2010

    • Well, so far in November, I’ve read more than I did in Aug-Oct, but it’s still not super impressive, because the books are really short. I hope to read a book or two during this break, but I have an amazingly huge stack of homework to grade . . .

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