Praise God!

As the count of miners underground agonizingly slowly decreased and the count of miners rescued increased, I watched CNN constantly and kept refreshing the web page to find the latest news. Each time a miner was released from his underground captivity, I said “Praise God.” And I do praise God for keeping these men safe and for reuniting them with their families.

According to the CNN blog of Chilean President Sebastian Pinera’s speech, “he praised the miners’ families,  saying they had faith that moved mountains. He also heaped praise on the rescuers,  saying they gave themselves completely to the task. He said the successful rescues were a true blessing from God.”

Mario Sepulveda, the second miner to be rescued said, “he saw both good and evil” while “trapped inside the mine. ” He said, ” ‘ I was with God, and I was with the devil. They fought, and God won’ . . .  Sepulveda said he grabbed God’s hand and never doubted that he would be rescued.”

What a welcome relief and wonderful answer to prayer! Praise God for His grace and sovereign control over this whole situation! May He continue to draw people to Himself through this and may the very necessary mining reforms take place because of this long ordeal.


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