Easter Meditations: Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday Events and Passages:

Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem – Matthew 21:1-11, Mark 11:1-10, Luke 19:28-44, John 12:12-18

Some Greeks seek Jesus – John 12:20-36

Jesus weeps over Jerusalem – Luke 19:41

Jesus enters the temple – Mark 11:11

Jesus returns to Bethany – Matthew 21:17, Mark 11:11

“He Set His Face to go to Jerusalem”

“In Luke 9:51 we read, “When the days drew near for him to be taken up, he set his face to go to Jerusalem.” To set his face toward Jerusalem meant something very different for Jesus than it did for the disciples. You can see the visions of greatness that danced in their heads in verse 46: “An argument arose among them as to which of them was the greatest.” Jerusalem and glory were just around the corner. O what it would mean when Jesus took the throne!

But Jesus had another vision in his head. One wonders how he carried it all alone and so long. Jerusalem meant one thing for Jesus: certain death” (p. 17-18).

Adapted from “He Set His Face to go to Jerusalem,” sermon by John Piper, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, April 4, 1982. Excerpted from Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross, edited by Nancy Guthrie.

Hosanna, Loud Hosanna

By Jeanette Threlfall, 1873

Hosanna, loud hosanna, the little children sang;
Through pillared court and temple the lovely anthem rang.
To Jesus, who had blessed them close folded to His breast,
The children sang their praises, the simplest and the best.

From Olivet they followed mid an exultant crowd,
The victor palm branch waving, and chanting clear and loud.
The Lord of men and angels rode on in lowly state,
Nor scorned that little children should on His bidding wait.

“Hosanna in the highest!” that ancient song we sing,
For Christ is our Redeemer, the Lord of heaven our King.
O may we ever praise Him with heart and life and voice,
And in His blissful presence eternally rejoice!


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