Books I read in November 2009

Sadly, I did not read much during the busy month of November. I plugged away at a few books, which I was finally able to finish during Christmas break, but I only finished two novels this month. And I read both of them the same day. I was pretty much starving for books by the time I started Christmas break.

Green by Ted Dekker

I was actually kind of disappointed by this book (I hardly ever say that; I’ve read so many good books this year). I was expecting much more. I was confused for most of the book and it didn’t tie up loose ends like I thought it would. In fact, I thought Green raised more questions.

Despite the claims that the book completes the circle and you can read Green at the beginning or the end of The Circle Trilogy, I am glad I read it last, because I think I would have been even more confused and never read the rest of the books, if I had started with this one. I’ve also read several other books by Dekker that are based on the Books of History, and I thought those were more helpful to the overall story line than Green.

Maybe it has been too long since I read Black, Red, and White and I forgot some of the details which would have made Green make more sense, but I just read The Circle Trilogy in May.

In addition, I thought the characters were disappointing. They came across as flat and the relationships were freaky and/or stilted.

The Biblical allusions, which I appreciated so much in Black, Red, and White, weren’t as clear to me in Green. I loved the section paralleling  Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac, but Dekker took an unexpected turn with that story, which did not parallel Scripture.

Overall, the book was not very impressive. It’s not a terrible read, despite my comments about it, but at times I had to force myself to keep reading and was more relieved to be done the book than satisfied with the conclusion.

Less than Dead by Tim Downs

I loved this book! So far, I’ve loved every book I’ve read by Tim Downs. (I just found out that there’s a new Bug Man novel, Ends of the Earth, so I’m going to have to order it pronto!) This is another Bug Man novel, featuring Nick Polchak, and this time he is assisted by and then rescues Alena, a cadaver dog trainer. Fast-paced story, tight writing style, excellent characters.


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