Church at the Beach

On Labor Day weekend, Harvest holds the Sunday evening service at the USO Beach. We had a fiesta dinner, great singing with the guitar and ukelele choir, and preaching from one of the special speakers for Spirit Week, Mark Herbster, whose twin brother, Mike, was also here for the week.

I cannot claim credit for any of these pictures. My roommate Elizabeth had the camera for the evening. She’s becoming quite a photographer!

Two of this year’s new teachers, Josie and Dayna

Brenna is stylin’

Two of my friends, Jenni and Julie

This is a great picture! Isn’t Caitlyn adorable? (No, she’s not Kevin’s baby. 🙂 She’s the daughter of Warren and Janet Han.)

Caitlyn gets passed around quite a bit. Here she is with Jodi.

I love this woman, Helen Middlebrook. She’s always an encouragement and inspiration to me!

We enjoyed a breathtakingly beautiful sunset while Mark Herbster preached. I love the sunsets on Guam! God is such an awesome Creator!

Even the Piti power plant looked stunning in the sunset. Elizabeth did a nice job with the framing of this picture.


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