A relaxing Saturday after a hectic week

Several friends and I spent a very relaxing day together on Saturday. First, we spent several hours up at Ritidian Beach, one of the most beautiful places on Guam. Upon our return to Guahan we showered and reconvened for supper and movies. We watched last week’s American Idol auditions, The Illusionist, and Facing the Giants. I know! That’s a lot of movies! But after a yearbook deadline, recital practice, progress report grades, and the recital, we were all beat, so we enjoyed the chance to relax and recover a bit from the week.

Here is a picture of Kelly and Karli right before we hit the beach:

The beach:

My charming friend Jodi enjoying the sun (He, he, he! I couldn’t resist posting this picture). Jodi was starting to get sunburned–a condition most of the group is suffering from right now–so she tried to cover up.

My beautiful roommate and friend, Kelly:

Me on the beach:

Elizabeth tackling me–of course, I screamed! She’s been doing this to me a lot lately . . .


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