Bulletin board project

Wow, I spent almost the entire evening putting my bulletin boards together! If I had known how long it would take, I probably would have done something easier.

The first picture is of my Beowulf bulletin board. I actually put this one together last weekend before I started teaching the poem. In the center is a section of Beowulf in Old English. My students thought it was cool that I could read the OE (thank you, Dr. Martin!). The modern English translation is to the left. My students are working on their final projects for the poem–dramas based on the poem or a newspaper front page based on the work. I’m looking forward to seeing the final projects next week.

The “Poetic Gems” board features poems the seniors turned in on Thursday. I am very impressed with their work.

The last bulletin board displays some of the best essays from my Research and Writing class with my comments in the thought bubbles. I’m hoping that seeing some examples of good thesis statements and paragraphs filled with support for the topic sentences will inspire the other students to do the same in their papers.

My room looks a lot more cheerful now with the blank spaces filled in with colorful displays of my students’s work.


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